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Welcome to my blog website, blackhistory.com.ng, an Entertainment news website. We produce quality and confirmed information on local news, Viral & trend news, Celebrity & Gossips news, TV series and shows, VNT stories and VENDOR.

Blackhistory.com.ng was launched on April 10th 2023 and is owned and Managed by Nigerian Registered company OGE LALA BUSINESS CONCEPT.

With our quality news contents, we add so much value to the society, all the information published on Blaackhistory.com.ng are verified contents and this contents are fully the copyright of the platform and its registered business name, OGE LALA BUSINESS CONCEPT.

We also write history & Stories of People ways of life, Nations, Empires, cultures, and articles of ancient colonial blacks & African, from the pre-colonoal times to of recent.

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Registration Number: 3352863
Address: Shop 2 Weather Fisheries, Odegba Park, New Market Enugu State, Nigeria.

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