3 Best China hotel booking app to use in 2023?

Hello reader, welcome to today’s blog post and we have the topic tag hotel, china and booking on our title with the full post below discussing on the 3 Best hotel booking app for user who would love to travel to china soon.

So, you may be wondering what booking app to use to get the rest experience on the exclusive life of the Chinese people. Black history blog post here covers that and with the booking apps mentioned below I bet you would get the best out of the hotels in china.

China is one of the countries out there that you should try to visit and you would experience the life of the Chinese people who are actually nice if I may say, the Chinese environment is one you would love to see, the amazing landscape, building and technology of the 3rd world power country.

Over my period of time here, living in china, I have stayed in countless hotels in China and with my stay and I’ve used these booking app I list in this post and got the best experience of the Chinese hotel. The hotels in these list varies per their prices but I made sure to compile the 3 best hotels in china.

If you’ve been using other booking pps to book your hotels in china, then give my list a try by switching a bit to the app I mentioned below.

Now, see the best China hotel booking app below.

Number 1 Trip (Ctrip Before)

Yes, the popular booking app, used for both flight and hotels is our top best hotel booking app for hotels in china and having hused this app myself, I would say that it is my favorite.

The Trip has both app which can be downloaded on playstore and online web version which whatever way you choose to use is the best.

Just like many other countries, Trip app is also toping on the best booking app in china and this s my honest opinion. I say this because the app is not only full of options but it’s more easier to use. It has an easy navigation menu that let users easily choose and select their choice in terms of flight, hotels, train booking and others.

I would note that Trip pp is the best at least for now. I’m writing this post on Nove 23rd 2023, mark the date.

One of the reasons, I’d rate Trip is because of the easily and great the app looks and work but also for the deals and promos you could get when using Trip with the option on the app that gives users, loyalty program, Coins and others.

Number 2 app is QUNAR

Just like Trip, I would put QUNAR under trip as the second and if you could not use Trip, then opt for QUNAR which would also give you and amazing experience just like Trips.

Unlike Trip which is international, QUNAR is a local app and the name QUNAR means “Where are you going?” in Chinese languages. It is a very nice booking app for hotels and it gives ou the best when it comes to hotels for you accommodation.

The promos of this app is that if offers a power price of hotels than trio because it is for locals, so the prices on this booking app are cheaper than the English ones on this list and the only advantage which is a bit big is that the language on the app is only mandarin.

Cons: It’s in Mandarin with no English option.

Number 3 app called AGODA

On our third list, blackhistory.com.ng gives you the 3rd app, call the AGODA,  which is yet a very popu,,lar hotel dating app in china, it s also quite popular in so many other countries in Asia.

The fact that it is a foreign hotel gives if an advantage and the con of it is that it has no feature to book trains in china.

Hope on this list about, we were app to cover on the 3 best when,booking app in china.



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