Enslaved African, Ganga Zumba Escaped and Build a massive Army and Kingdom of Palmares

Below in this page, we shave another great history of yet another great african young man, Ganga Zumba who is popular regarded as and African Spartacus for his bravery and strength in making a way for many black people during the hardest time of ere for the people of color.

His name is Nganga Nzumbi whcib possibly translates to God’s Priest in Kongo although, according to some Portuguese documents, his name is Ganga Zumba which means Great Lot and is the name that is popularly used to identify one of the great black man to make an brings change to the community.

Zumba was said to have been born in Kongo to her family and mother, princess Aqualtune who was the daughter of an unknown king of Kongo and led a battle of Mbwila at the time.

At the battle of Mbwila led my her mother a battalion of worriors on the war that killed over 5,000 men and also captured the king and his two sons and nephews, four governors plus various court officials, 95 title holders and 400 other nobles.

This captured individuals including Ganga was shipped and sold as slaves in America mainly Spanish American. There, his family including her mother, his Brother Zona and his sister Sabina (mother of Zumbi dos Palmares, his nephew and successor) were made slaves to a Durch at the Sugar plantation of Santa Rita in the Portuguese Captaincy of Pernambuco.

Pernambuco is called the northeast Brazil, and history has it that the family escaped slavery and that was a kick of his greatness as Zumba will later become a hero & freedom fighter who was central to the history and modern-day struggle of the Brazilian Black Movement.

His great fight led to an alliance of “independent settlements” called Quilombo dos Palmares which made, Ganga Zumba the first leader of the Quilombo Dos Palmares.

The Quilombo Did Palmares kingdom were of  runaway slaves in Angola Janga, in the present-day state of Alagoas, Brazil with it’s areasa located between the states of Alagoas and Pernambuco, in northeastern Brazil.

This new kingdom of Quilombo dos Palmares was founded in the late 16th century as resistance to European colonizers and enslavers and the area contained about 10k to 20k fugitive slaves, native Brazilians and various outcast groups (such as Jews and Muslims), inhabited Palmares throughout the period.

In no time, Quilombo dos Palmares become the first very place where black people have freedom which the Americans were restricting at the time and area shelters black people for about a hundred years and it was no easy job s the group will always have to fight off  the Portuguese who at that time attempted to colonize Brazil.

This fight against the Portuguese was a huge fight which by the help of Quilombo brought victory for the community as Zumba lead series of attack to the oppressors and was later deemed a fugitive which was set up a collective economy based upon subsistence agriculture, trade, and communal land ownership.

In the end, Ganga Zumba tried to establish a treaty with the Portuguese for permanent freedom for people born in Pamares while also making quilombo no longer accept fugitive slaves or fight the Portuguese in exchange for permanent recognition of their land, this treaty bears a condition of Palmarinos Moving to the Cacau Valley and there in the treaty, Portuguese recognized and confirmed that Zumba was the supreme leader of his people.

For this treaty and recognition of Zumba as the supreme leader, his nephew Zumbi who was the settlement’s military leader chose resistance instead of treaty, he disapproved and staged a coup against him and in that year, Ganga Zumba is poisoned.

History says that the poisoning of Zumba was by those siding and loyal with Zumbi and after his death, Ganga Zumba followers and beilivers moved to the Cucau Valley to re-establish Palmares but was aptured and placed back into slavery.

Now his Nephew, Zumbi known for choosing resistance still hold on to Palmares territory and turned his revolt on the Portuguese.



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